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Investing For Doctors

An Investing For doctors project

lifecycles project
for every stage of your medical career

Stage 1 - Basics

Investing 101

Basic concepts that will benefit anyone from PGY1 to PGY50. Learn all the essential concepts on how to think as an investor, talk like an investor and become an investor in yourself.


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Stage 2 - Pre-vocational

Medical school, Internship & Residency

Content that applies to medical students, interns and pre-specialisation residents. You are typically in your twenties and about to get your first pay check as a fully fledged doctor. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Put the best step forward on your path to financial wellbeing


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Stage 3 - Specialist training

Specialist Training

You have now embarked on your specialty training. Typically you would be in your late twenties or early thirties. You now start to have more disposable income but life has many new exciting things in store for you. Learn how to set the foundations for your professional and personal life.


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Stage 4 - Post-Fellowship

Early post fellowship

Congratulations, you have your letters now. Now your career truly begins! Navigate the public and private systems and how business, finances and investments work at this stage. With more income, comes greater challenges to manage them. Let us show you how.

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Stage 5 - Mid Career

Mid career years

You have now established yourself and pretty much maximised your earning potential from your medical work. You would have qualified as a sophisticated investor for a number of years now and can now get to the pointy end of town in terms of investments.


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Stage 6 - Late Career

Late career and retirement

You are likely be in your late 50s or 60s and thinking about cutting down or rationalising your work. You likely have had a good career and now need to think about your retirement or succession planning.


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